Year of the Dragon Environmental Monitoring Instrument Industry Ushers in a New Dawn

With the rapid development of the economy, China's environmental problems caused by the discharge of polluting gases and sewage have become increasingly prominent, and the voices for improving the environment on a global scale are also increasing. In the face of this severe situation of environmental pollution and deterioration of the ecological environment, it is an important task for environmental protection workers across the country to conduct real-time and accurate mass monitoring of environmental quality, the status quo and changing trends of the ecological environment, and to supervise and monitor pollution sources and their treatment. One of the toughest tasks ahead. There is an urgent need for a large number of modern environmental monitoring instruments. Driven by the country's emphasis on environmental protection and a series of industrial policies, the domestic environmental monitoring instrument industry has a very broad prospect in 2012. In May 2011, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "Notice on Launching the Pilot Monitoring Work of the Measures for the Evaluation of Urban Ambient Air Quality (Trial)", and selected one city in each of 26 provinces across the country to pilot new monitoring projects. The new content includes: PM2.5, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, benzopyrene (a carcinogen), etc. Since November 1, my country has promulgated the environmental protection industry standard of "The Gravimetric Method for Determination of PM10 and PM2.5 in Ambient Air", and began to regulate the measurement of PM2.5. This means that with the full rollout of monitoring of new indicators such as PM2.5, more than 600 automatic air monitoring sub-stations in more than 330 cities above the prefecture level across the country will gradually install relevant monitoring equipment.