The core of the quartz timer crystal determines the good quality of the quartz timer

Why can world famous watches be recognized by the market? A large part of this comes from the quality, durability and accuracy of the watch, coupled with the beautiful and stylish design, the other electronic components on the watch will not be explained too much, it is important for us to discuss that this is a quartz timer crystal, Cylindrical Insert Crystal

If a quartz timer crystal oscillator can be used normally, it must be operated correctly. Quartz timer crystal oscillator consists of quartz plate, electrode, bracket (base) or PKG, upper cover (LID), etc. During the soldering process of the quartz timer crystal oscillator, the solder temperature should not be too high. This time should not be too long to prevent internal changes in the quartz timer crystal and cause instability. When the crystal case needs to be grounded, make sure that the quartz timer crystal case and pins are not accidentally connected to cause a short circuit. This will prevent the crystal from vibrating. Make sure the solder joints of the two pins are not connected, otherwise it will cause the crystal to stop vibrating. For crystals that require cutting feet, attention should be paid to the effects of mechanical stress. When welding, please clean it to avoid the insulation resistance does not meet the requirements.

Don't underestimate such small quartz timer crystal oscillators, they are a complex body in the production process. From design to production, every crystal oscillator goes through many processes and a lot of effort to polish the wafer. It's not easy to hold something a few millimeters in size with tweezers. All the built-in quartz crystal oscillators they produce have to go through more than 30 processes to complete the production in the factory, of which 9 main items are international standards for finished product inspection. First clean the wafer, silver the wafer, put glue on the shelf, fine-tune the wafer, test, dehumidify, seal, insulate, burn-in, and test after burn-in, laser printing, packaging is also very complicated, after these treatments After that, the quartz timer crystal oscillator is considered complete.