Function and operation instructions of the conference timer

The function of the meeting timer

You can arbitrarily set the speaking time (up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds), and set the reminder time of the conference instrument (in minutes, 1-99 minutes).

Applicable occasions of meeting timer:

Meeting venues, conferences, debates, defense meetings and other occasions where reminders of meeting time are required.

Function: Reminder 10 seconds ago, optional remote control function, conference timer, debate timer, conference timer, reminder before N seconds, single-sided or double-sided, with tripod optional;

Conference timer operation instructions:

Description of remote control and buttons: "Start" button (1), "Minutes" button (3), second button (4).

Setting time: If you want to increase the setting time, you can press the plus minute button (3)/plus second button (4) to adjust the time. Once set, press the start key (1) to start the countdown timer.

Reset and clear: long press (more than three seconds) the start button (1), reset and clear, the display is 00:00.

Countdown pause: During the countdown, press the plus key (4) to pause, then press the start key (1) to restart the countdown from the paused time.

Retime: Briefly (less than three seconds) press the start key (1) to restore the last set time.

Reminder: When the time reaches the set remaining time of 1 minute, a beep will sound. When the set time is up (the timer shows 00:00), the doorbell will ring to remind you.

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