Application occasions and intelligent development of counters

Electronic reversible counters are non-reversible electronic counters designed and manufactured for industrial automation without presetting. It is mainly suitable for occasions where the count moves forward and backward repeatedly. For example: winding various coils or calculating the length of wires and cables, etc. Sometimes several turns are required when winding. At this point, the instrument can automatically subtract the backward digits. Therefore, it can be widely used in a series of production processes with reciprocating processes, such as automatic winding, paper making, coil processing, wire and cable length measurement, films, plastics, etc.

With the development of the times, electronic counters are also developing towards the intelligent direction of the Internet. With the rapid development of computers and the Internet to the world, counters also begin to develop to the network, such as: counter automation, multi-counter network, multimedia, virtual instrumentation and so on. Combined with the latest technological equipment, it can directly control instrumentation, company management, business integration and application model analysis through WAN and LAN. Counter companies communicate directly with customers through a web platform, breaking through the limitations of the world and space, exchanging information directly on the website, and maintaining and analyzing instruments remotely by experts. High-tech products followed.

With the parallel development of microprocessor and artificial intelligence technology, this has enabled the counter industry to develop intelligence, that is, meters for intelligent robots. This intelligent development is also accompanied by the digitization of technology and an increase in the level of intelligence. Increase and increase faster, which will make people's lives easier.

Technology can make the counter table go in the direction of miniaturization:

In order to make life more convenient, scientific and technical personnel will develop counters in a smaller direction. Just like the development of computers, a small chip can store thousands of commands, which not only reduces the size. This also improves the accuracy of the counter, and this error does not affect production requirements.