How to make a new motorcycle hour timer at home

Motorcycle hour timer refers to a meter that records the actual working time and various consumption of various construction machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, loaders, etc., as a basis for determining the use, maintenance, repair time and fuel consumption of the machinery . Products that combine mechanical and electronic technology.

The Home Motorcycle Hour Counters were originally developed for home machinery without a timing part, so they are all external. It is understood that there are currently two main types of household timers. One is a timepiece with a quartz clock as the movement. The advantages are accurate timing and simple structure. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to eliminate the human interference factor. The battery needs to be replaced frequently during use, and the installation is also better. Trouble; the other is the combination timer, which has the advantage of being fully functional and conducive to the development of the main body. The disadvantage is that as an external timer, some functions are duplicated with the original instrument on the machine, the cost is higher, and the human factor is difficult to find.

This motorcycle hour timer adopts the principle of combining the electronic circuit with the mechanical structure, that is, the electronic circuit is responsible for the connection, realizes the detection, conversion and amplification of the mechanical power information, and generates the time reference signal, and the mechanical structure is responsible for the accumulation, storage and display circuit. mechanical working hours. In order to realize the above-mentioned principle, the utility model consists of four parts. The first part is the control circuit, which is responsible for the connection to the machine. It ensures that the timer works synchronously with the mechanical device under test, and generates an accurate time signal and converts it into a narrow pulse, thereby driving the relay to pick up and control the action of the drive mechanism. The second part is the connecting part between the control circuit and the transmission assembly - the drive mechanism. Its key function is to accurately transmit the timing command input from the control circuit to the gearbox assembly, so that the wheel group in the gearbox assembly correctly reflects the mechanical working time of the electric motor. The third part is the transfer component that implements time display, accumulation and storage. The fourth part is a special locking device, which can prevent human interference, so that the timer can objectively reflect the working time of the mechanical equipment.